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"Simplicity is

 the glory of



Lucy & Choley, K Creative Group mascots, are glorious expressions that inspire everyday! 

If someone asks what type of graphic design K Creative Group does, I often say "old-school contemporary." That’s not a specific genre, just a different way of saying I prefer minimalist, modern designs. I love the designer Paul Rand. He was a visionary who radically transformed advertising in the 1930s through 1950s. His approach to marketing was to emphasize graphic design and visuals instead of the copy. Rand coined the phrase, "Good design is good business." I heartily share that notion!


I’ve watched many design trends come and go since K Creative Group was established in1992. What I’ve noticed most is that no matter the trend, style, or colors, an effective design communicates more by saying less. If we distill an idea down to its simplest form and then create a visual that captures attention, we can market products or services with absolute clarity.


Rand was quoted as saying, "One quickly realizes that simplicity and geometry are the language of timelessness and universality."


When you choose K Creative Group, we'll work with you to create effective, on-brand designs that will be the universal language for your company.

Norie Knezetic, Owner

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